The Step By Step Guide To Launch A Successful Podcast Without Any Tech Skills Or Experience Producing Content!
Learn how to make, market, and monetize your podcast in just 10 minutes a day!

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Week 1: Welcome To Podcasting
Framing Your Mindset & Discovering Your Topic
  • Welcome To Power To Podcast
  • Why Start A Podcast?
  • ​Your Podcast Mindset
  • ​Where Does Podcasting Fit For Me?
  • ​Most Common False Beliefs & Roadblocks
  • ​Discovering Your Podcast Topic
Week 2: Idea Phase
Identifying Your Listeners & Podcast Details
  • Defining Your Avatar
  • Researching Your Avatar
  • ​Podcast Research & Proof Of Concept
  • ​Format, Frequency, & Length
  • ​Naming Your Podcast
  • ​Your Podcast Details
Week 3: Setup Phase
Easy Step By Step Instructions To Record Audio
  • Hooking Up Your Equipment
  • Setting Up Recording Software
  • ​Master Files & Organization
  • ​How To Record An Episode
  • ​How To Edit An Episode
  • ​Creating Your Intros/Outros
  • ​Putting A Full Episode Together
Week 4: Creation Phase
Content Outlines, Interviews, and Artwork
  • Topic Content Outlines & Goals
  • ​Setting Up Interviews
  • ​Recording Interviews
  • ​Exporting & Tagging Episodes
  • ​Upload To Your Media Hosting
  • ​Recording Episode 000
  • ​Your Podcast Artwork & Branding
Week 5: Prelaunch Phase
Creating A Launch Strategy For Success
  • Creating Your Content Bank
  • Your Launch Strategy
  • ​Your Podcast Website 
  • ​Social Media 
  • ​Upload & Publish First 3 Episodes
  • ​Submitting To Podcast Directories
  • ​Subscribe, Rate, & Review 
Week 6: Launch Phase
Launching Your Podcast With A Bang
  • Build the hype! 
  • Promoting With A Giveaway 
  • ​Tracking Your Stats
  • ​Ranking Well In Itunes 
  • ​New & Noteworthy 
  • ​Share Everywhere 
  • ​Launch Day!
Week 7: Content Phase
Staying Consistent With Content After Launch
  • How to stay consistent 
  • ​Curating Content Ideas From Keywords & Trends
  • ​Curating Content Ideas From Model Competitors
  • ​How to effectively ask your audience for content ideas 
  • ​How to effectively share your story
  • ​Content Calendars
  • ​Content Outlines
Week 8: Marketing Phase
Where To Spread The Word About Your Podcast
  • In Your Podcast CTA: Subscribe, Rate, Review 
  • How To Leverage Social Media 
  • ​Social Content Repurposing Strategy 
  • ​Social Media Templates 
  • ​Leveraging Existing Communities 
  • ​Podcast Email Lists 
  • ​Paid Ads 
Week 9: Growth Phase
Using Other People's Audiences To Grow
  • Leveraging Other Peoples Audiences 
  • How To Find Podcast Guests 
  • ​How To Reach Out To Podcast Guests 
  • ​Best Interview Tips 
  • ​How To Maximize Their Audience 
  • ​How To Be Guests On Other Podcasts 
  • ​Comingling Audiences Outside Of The Podcast 
Week 10: Monetize With Paid Ads & Sponsors
Starting To Monetize With Sponsors
  • What are sponsorships? 
  • Easy Sponsors To Start With 
  • ​How To Find Sponsors 
  • ​Negotiating Sponsorships 
  • ​Creating Sponsorship Ads 
  • ​Sponsorship Ads Outside Of The Audio 
  • ​Crowdsource Sponsorship 
Week 11: Monetize With Affiliates
Promoting Affiliate Offers On Your Podcast
  • What are affiliates? 
  • How To Find Affiliate Offers 
  • ​Affiliate Ads Outside Of The Audio
  • ​JV Partnerships
  • ​Authors & Books 
  • ​Creating Compelling CTA’s 
Week 12: Monetize With Products Or Services
Selling Your Own Stuff To Your Listeners
  • Coaching, Consulting, & Services 
  • Speaking
  • ​Products
  • ​Books
  • Masterminds
  • ​Premium Podcasts
Week 13: How To Create Products Or Services
Creating Your First Products To Sell
  • Understanding Your Audience 
  • Interviewing Your Ideal Customer On The Podcast 
  • ​Brainstorm ideas and Test Them 
  • ​Promote & Market Your Idea 
  • Sell & Get Proof Of Concept 
  • ​Create Your Product Or Service 
Your Host: Brandon Stover

Brandon Stover has built a 100+ Episode podcast with no prior experience, successfully launched three podcasts, and has interviewed dozens of influencers, entrepreneurs, TV stars, millionaire CEO's, high performance coaches, & musicians.


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